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Article: August 2022

August 2022

August 2022

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a relaxing summer.

We have been busy buying, unpacking, labeling and organizing to get ready for the yomtov season. We are excited to show you the new styles.

Because I feel like customers are my friends I don’t mind sharing with you some ideas for working on ourselves this Elul. One of our core values is Keeping Hashem in the Picture. This can manifest itself by remembering that more important than the clothes we buy is how we treat each other, even people who are paid to serve you. We try to treat all our customers with respect and we speak to them in a dignified manner. If you have a complaint about an item or notice an error on your receipt please give us the benefit of the doubt. And more importantly, express yourself in a calm measured tone. Customers who call us yelling about something are usually not welcome back.

Also, we can tell a lot about how your daughters are raised by watching them in the store. Girls that make sure to not leave a mess and rehang items are our favorites. We can tell that they were raised well. 

See you soon,

Chaya & Co.

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