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Article: December 2022

December 2022

Chanuka Sameach everyone!!

I heard something beautiful over shabbos which really spoke to me and wanted to share it with you.

We all take pleasure in beautiful things like a gorgeous sunrise or a beautiful flower (or the perfect sweater that matches your skirt ). When we describe beautiful things we tend to use words like transcendent, radiant, heavenly. We recognize that there is something about beauty that is beyond nature. Hashem did not need to make the world beautiful- he could have made it purely functional.

Just as we express ourselves through our clothes, Hashem expresses Himself through beauty. We cannot see Him but we can see His "clothes."

Yavan and Yisrael clashed over the issue of beauty. Yavan saw external beauty as an end in itself but we see beauty as a bridge to the divine.

Each morning when we choose our outfit for the day we are choosing to use the external as a way to emphasize our inner beauty.

This Chanukah, as we light the candles let's remember that beauty is not an end in itself but a path to Hashem.

Wishing us all a lichtega chanuka!

Chaya & Co.

Oh, BTW we are having an amazing sale this Chanuka!! 25% off ALL DRESSES!!!!

(Our website is having some glitches so be sure to stop by the store.)

Can't wait to see you!!

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