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Article: A Rosh Chodesh Message

A Rosh Chodesh Message

A Rosh Chodesh Message

Hi Everyone,

It's Rosh Chodesh, a time of renewal and a chance to start again. It's the gift Hashem gives us not just on Rosh Hashanah but 11 more times a year.

Recently I saw a huge sculpture in the airport in Rome called Master of Mistakes. It is a sphere made of crumpled up paper balls. When I first saw it, I just shrugged and walked away. But after giving it more thought I went back to study it again.

What came to mind is that from all our seeming failures comes a work of art. Sometimes we feel like a big ball of mistakes but in truth we are His masterpieces. We are not made to be perfect but to keep learning and growing and to make a masterpiece of the life He gave us.

I know there are people close to me that I have let down and yet they have faith in me- to  accept my apology and trust that I will try to do better next time. This has made our relationship even closer.

And I know Hashem has faith in each of us and just wants us to keep at it. Just like a string that is knotted together again and again makes the distance between the two ends shorter, our “knots” (i.e. mistakes) can actually bring us closer to Him.

On Rosh Chodesh Sivan the Jewish nation prepared to receive the Torah and start a new chapter in life as the Am Segula. What an auspicious time to remember that we too can start again right now.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the women's side of Har Sinai very soon.

Chaya and Co.

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