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Article: April 2023

April 2023

Hi Everyone,

Wow! We are so close to seder night! Yom Tov has a funny way of sneaking up on us. I've been so busy, I barely had time to prepare this email.

It always amazes me that right after Purim we work so hard to clean out our homes physically for Pesach... but how often do we clean out our heart; our emotions?

Dina Schoonmacher brought this question up in our weekly shuir. She emphasizes the importance of not only ridding our homes of chametz but our neshamas too. For me I took it as letting go of some of my own self-judgment- that mean voice in my head but instead bring in compassion, holding back from comparing myself to my neighbor and recognize that I'm seeing a small slice of a bigger picture- that Hashem is in control (things I am constantly working on).

And after we spend the week of Pesach without any chametz what ״chametz" do we let back into our home? Our hearts? If we create a parallel between what we are doing physically and the kind of work we want to be doing emotionally/spiritually what would this look like? I think it's about choosing an area I can 'clean out' something I know my life would be better without.

And when Pesach comes to a close, we have a choice to make. We can choose what 'emotional chametz ' we want to let back in.

Can I bring in more compassion instead of listening to that mean voice inside?

Can I see what I do have instead of what is missing?

And in this way we will be tapping into the exciting opportunity for renewal that is so integral to this time of year.

Over six months ago I went to choose the line for this season thinking about what we'd all want to be wearing on Seder night, Chol HaMoed, and Shabbos. With siyata dishmaya the styles we received are even better than I expected.  As we unbox more and more, I am constantly thanking Hashem. There are so many beautiful pieces for so many different body types.

Come in and see which styles were ordered just for you!

Wishing all of us a yuntif filled with love, connection and growth.


Chag Kasher VeSameach,

Chaya and Co.

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