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Article: May 2023

May 2023

Hi Everyone,

We have been counting up to matan torah (almost there!) and I have been trying to connect to these days. What message should we be thinking about?

My close friend (and a talented teacher/coach) Sara Lanner shared with our amazing staff that every person has a need to be noticed - to be counted. Isn't that what Hashem taught us by counting Klal Yisroel so many times? Each person has the mitzvah to count "usfartem lachem- count for you" everyday because it's about each of us counting each day of sefiras haomer. Count each day and make each day count.

I thought about this when a different friend shared that she went to a kiddush and, though she felt pretty, she was a little disappointed that no one complimented her new dress. Sometimes it can hurt not to be noticed. Whether it's your physical appearance or aspects of your inner world.

I hope you all feel seen while shopping here in Everywhen. Take a minute to remember how good that feels and with a week left of counting the omer let's try to think about someone else we can share this gift with.

Wishing all of us a yuntif of noticing and appreciating all of the bracha in our lives. Everyone, Everyday, Everywhen.

Chaya & Co.

Oh, I almost forgot- this week before Shavuos we are having a sale on yuntif dresses and sets.

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