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Article: July 2023

July 2023

Hi Everyone,

I've been thinking so much about the upcoming weeks with some apprehension but also a cautionary excitement.

I love summer- always have. The stress of school and structure behind me and the promise of freedom ahead. But there was always a dull ache as the summer progressed and the 17th of Tammuz came and then Rosh Chodesh Av. And every year I asked, would we be zoche this year to not fast but to celebrate?

Some years ago, a few days before Tisha b'Av, I saw my seminary rav and his rebbetzin walking. I stopped him and through tears I said "You promised us. You said we are at the doorstep; that moshiach is almost here. But that was almost 20 years ago. Where is he?" There was no answer; just pain and yearning. 

Yet summer has become synonymous with sales in the frum fashion world. And that makes sense because we need to make space for the new styles. A new season with deeper richer colors and fabrics (think browns and greens). But I don't want to make a 3-Weeks sale. I don't want to distract from where our focus needs to be now.

What I will share with you my friends is this; I really want moshiach to come. I yearn to have all our questions answered and to feel Hashem's unconditional love for us. My BBQ is ready for all the korbanos we will be bringing.

When people ask if we are having a 3-Weeks sale. The answer is we are having a moshiach prep sale  so that we can all be dressed as bnos melech to greet our Father and King.

Everyone, Everyday, Everywhen.

Chaya & Co.

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