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Article: Thanks to You

Thanks to You

Thanks to You

So many women had to leave their homes with only the clothes they were wearing or what they had brought with them for yomtov. They never expected to be out of their homes for over a month.

We helped Y, a school psychologist from Ashkelon, who just moved to Sderot four months ago because her youngest son has special needs and the services for him were better in Sderot. They had planned to spend yomtov in Sderot but at the last minute they went to her parents in Ashkelon. When they found out what was happening they took shelter in Ashkelon and haven't been back to Sderot since. Which is just as well because their house in Sderot no longer exists!

They took the last available rooms in a Jerusalem hotel and that's where they are now. Y and her six children left Ashkelon with only the clothes they had taken with them for the chag. There are many women like this.

We are running a campaign to collect funds to cover the costs of clothing for these displaced women. We are currently operating with no profit margin- for every item sold we are donating a similar item. We are also seeking sponsors to help defray the cost of over $75,000 in inventory that we would like to donate.

But we are not just packing up clothing in garbage bags and dropping them off somewhere. With your help, over 100 women have come to our store to shop, try on and pick out over 400 pieces of brand new clothing. Getting the boutique experience and our personal attention doesn’t just fill their closets, it helps fill their hearts. Going home with clothes that still have the tags on, instead of second hand clothing, gives them a sense of normalcy and dignity in these trying times- and we know we are directly helping people in need. These are some of their letters to you:

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